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drummbellinaxxx's Journal

29 May
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NAME: Cassie
AGE: 26
WORK: newly self-employed writer and designer/etsian
LOCATION: by the seaside in England
BOYFRIEND: Scott (together 10 years so far!)
KIDS: Jordan (8) and Jessica (2)

altered art, anything edible, anything girly, art, bags, bloggers, bootsales, charity shop shopping, chinese fooooooood, cottage industries, craftistas, crafty communities, decorations, diy-everything, dumpster diving, eastenders, embelleshing random things, free fun, fucking off consumerism, furniture, getting something for free, home and away, indie businesses, jack daniels, jumbles, learning new skillz, london, making stuff, making up geeky songs, making your own clothes, messing about, poker nights, recipes, reconstructed clothes, rules, selling stuff you make, skull+crossbones, sunny days, swap-your-old-crap parties, teaching-yourself, thrifting/charity-shop-shopping, vintage anything, web design, writing for empty purse


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